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Exposed Aggregate Concrete- An excellent solution for your driveway

Are you looking for ways to enhance your driveway? If yes, this article is for you! When you step into the market for choosing how you will pave paths, patios, or driveways, you will find more choices than you had ever thought possible. However, if you want something that will look greater, hold up well, and go well with your home, outdoor applications like Exposed Aggregate Concrete is the solution for you!

Aggregate concrete has almost limitless potential to be used anywhere on residential and commercial properties. Though garden pathways and patios are their most common outdoor applications, the different finishes, colours, and textures have expanded the demand for garden walls, driveways, and garage floors. Do you know what people love about it? Its decorative and textured concrete finish exudes a touch of class. Its finish is obtained by mixing aggregates within the concrete mix; these aggregates may include crushed rocks, small stones, pebbles, and sand.

This article discusses six excellent benefits of using exposed aggregate. Moreover, it is a cost-effective flooring option for your outdoors. If you are still unsure about installing exposed concrete, continue reading!

Benefits of installing exposed Aggregate concrete


Aggregate concrete is a durable concrete block available on the market. Their textured pebble surface provides good traction in wet conditions also. This is why they can be mostly seen poolside or on patios because they are much safer than traditional concrete in terms of grip. When installed correctly, you can be sure that your flooring will endure for decades without significant wear and tear.

Low maintenance

Another critical benefit of getting aggregate concrete installed is its low maintenance. Its surface hides the dust and stains quite well. You can clean it with a pressure washer to remove dirt, debris, and other dust. Moreover, with proper sealing of exposed concrete, you can expect its pristine shine to last longer. There is significantly less effect of weather on the aggregate concrete and hence can prevent tear marks and other stains on the surface.


Aggregate concrete comes in various shapes, colours, and sizes, making the surface very decorative. With multiple colour options, this type of concrete flooring can blend with any existing decor of the house. Even if you install exposed aggregates along with the old concrete surface, it enhances the overall look. That means installing exposed concrete can improve the beauty of any area of your dwelling.


Aggregate concrete flooring is very cost-effective and easy to install. These pre-installed blocks require very little time and additional installation materials. Neither needs extra effort for maintenance; however, it is always better to install it by experts. Installation cost is minimal compared to other concrete floorings; if you are on a shoestring budget and thinking of sprucing up your outdoor area, this aggregate concrete flooring is the best option. Its after-installation maintenance cost is also minimal.


Skid-resistant quality is of utmost importance if you think of flooring for your outdoor areas like patio, driveway, poolside, walkways, etc. This is what aggregate concrete is famous for! Aggregate concrete blocks are skid-resistant, which makes them the most suitable flooring option for outdoor applications. Small stones (aggregates) are embedded in the blocks to give them a textured surface and make them skid resistant, thus, reducing the risk of falls and slips.


Exposed Aggregate concrete can be made to withstand all weather conditions. The blocks are prepared with a composite material which helps gain high strength compared to other concrete blocks. These are resistant to rain, water, and dust. Even during the harsh weather, it withheld under-strength. If there are some tears, you can repair them with minimal effort.

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