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How to Secure My Life Instead of Waiting For a “Safe” Job and a “Decent Home”

How do you define security? Do you think security is having $X in the bank, having a paid-off house, a solid relationship with your boss, or having a good car? These are all external factors that can be in place to provide some level of security. When you define security externally, you are spending your time working on these external factors rather than improving your internal security. The answer to this question may surprise you!

The problem is that most people don’t begin their lives with sufficient resources to meet an external definition of security. So, they wait until these factors are met. And the sad thing is, most people die before they reach this point. But there is a better way to secure your life. Instead of waiting for a “safe” job and a decent home, focus on the internal definition of security. This is a much more rewarding way to live your life.

An entrepreneurial action taker defines security internally, trusting in themselves. You can be homeless, but you can still think and take action. In this way, you can find your security and stay on track. Even if you’re homeless, you can still be in a stable environment and achieve self-actualization. You can do that because you are secure in yourself and your goals. You can work on your dreams even if you don’t have the means to live them out.

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