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Why You Should Not Include a Photograph of Yourself on Your Resume

Using a photograph in your resume can be discriminatory. Not only does it take up space, it can also distract your reader from reading the rest of your resume, preventing them from seeing other important details. Studies show that recruiters spend about seven seconds reviewing a resume. During that time, they are looking for specific keywords, educational background, and experience. Putting a photo on your resume might make them think that you are not as qualified as you say you are.

The EEOC strongly discourages using photos on a resume, and many companies are against the practice. In other parts of the world, it may even work against you. Although a photograph is commonly used in Continental Europe, it is not appropriate in many countries. The EEOC advises against including a picture on your resume unless specific directions are provided by the company. If you want to use a photo, direct readers to your personal website or LinkedIn profile.

Using a photo on a resume can cause problems for ATS software, which automatically screens resumes. While it is rare for a resume to be rejected due to a picture, it is best to avoid using one altogether unless your resume is a starring role in a movie or television show. Some resumes, however, must include a photo. These include modeling and acting resumes, where a picture is essential to the job description.

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